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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 17, Issue 6

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In Choosing Occupations - What Incomes Do Farm Boys Expect?
( 1962-12-01) Arthur, I. ; Kaldor, Donald ; Eldridge, Eber ; Burchinal, Lee ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The articles in this series have been reporting how a number of factors affect the farm and nonfarm career plans of Iowa farm boys. This article reports on the income expectations and goals of the boys in the study.

Farm Outlook
( 1962-12-01) Uhrig, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Hog producers in the 10 major hog producing states planned to increase their December-February farrowings by 4 percent, according to USDA's September pig crop report. This report has been a reliable indicator of the trend in total spring farrowings for the United States. This indicates a probable increase in farrowings for the entire winter-spring season, December through May.

Farm Family Living Expenses in 1961
( 1962-12-01) Stoneberg, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

An analysis of the spending patterns of 225 Iowa farm families shows us some trends in farm family living expenditures that occured last year and also furnishes guides you can use in budgeting your own expenditures.

Working Mothers - What Effect on Children?
( 1962-12-01) Burchinal, Lee ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The number of working women, and particularly working mothers, has been steadily increasing. How does employment of mothers affect their children? Here are the results of a recent study on this timely problem.

Sterling: A New Orchardgrass
( 1962-12-01) Carlson, I. ; Kalton, R. ; Hutchcroft, C. ; Rohweder, D. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Sterling orchardgrass is suitable for inclusion in grass-legume mixtures for use as pasture, hay, grass silage or green chop. It has been superior in winterhardiness, stand establishment and yield of forage and seed.