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The Iowa Homemaker vol.5, no.9 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 5, Issue 9

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.5, no.9
( 2017-04-04) Lynn, Gertrude ; Lowe, Belle ; Dahl, Helen ; Callahan, Genevieve ; Hull, Thirza ; Fitzsimmons, Cleo ; Holmes, Laura ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Table of Contents

A true Story of a Real Budget by Gertrude Lynn, page 1

Corn Sugar by Belle Lowe, page 2

Now Is the Time for Your Party by Helen Dahl, page 3

Do You Want to Write? by Genevieve Callahan, page 4

Hints for Your Spring Wardrobe by Thirza Hull, page 4

Girls’ 4-H Page, page 5

With the Iowa State Home Economics Association, page 6

Editorial, page 7

Who’s There and Where by Cleo Fitzsimmons, page 8

The Eternal Question, page 10

Color Cures by Laura Holmes, page 11

Hints About Your Spring Wardrobe
( 2017-04-04) Hull, Thirza ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Constantly changing whims of fashion add interest and fear for mademoiselle when she goes to select her new spring wardrobe. At present we are in the "in between" season the time when you want a new frock but are afraid that one selected now will not be good style when the spring fashion show is in full sway.

Prizes Awarded at the Short Course
( 2017-04-04) Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the list of girls who were awarded prizes at the closing session of the Junior Short Course, Jan. 1, Marshall County scored twice and Scott, Butler, Buena Vista, Ringold and Lee Counties each claim one winner.·

Corn Sugar
( 2017-04-04) Lowe, Belle ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"The Use of Corn Sugar in Home Cookery," is the title of a thesis by Miss Beatrice T. Olson. Miss Olson did her work with corn sugar at Iowa State College in 1924 and 1925. The following information is taken from her results and may be beneficial to the housewife if she is trying to use corn sugar.

A True Story of a Real Budget
( 2017-04-04) Lynn, Gertrude ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On June 11, 1922 Mary West and Jimmie Morgan graduated from a well known agricultural college of the middle west. On June 12th they were married. They went immediately to their new !home in Jonesville where Mr. Morgan had been recently appointed county agent.