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Improving the domestic market for lard Bulletin: Volume 28, Issue 319

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Improving the domestic market for lard
( 2017-08-17) Schickele, Rainer ; Schultz, Theodore ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

“As go the prices of pork and lard— so goes the price of hogs.”

Because this is true, it is important to know the factors that make the price of lard. Iowa naturally is much interested in this problem since its hogs furnish over one-fifth of the domestic supply of lard.

The following facts are of outstanding significance to anyone concerned with the market situation of lard:

1. Lard, as it is sold today— with the exception of a few grades and brands—is an unstandardized product. This is one of the reasons why it suffers greatly from the competition of lard substitutes, which are for the most part highly standardized.

2. To improve the competitive position of lard against lard substitutes, lard should be:

a. Thoroughly improved and standardized.

b. Advertised and promoted so that the consumer understands the advantages of lard of a dependable standard over lard substitutes.

In this publication various factors will be explained which contribute to the domestic consumption of lard and how lard prices may be improved by careful attention to its production and promotion.