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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 21, Issue 1

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Tranquilizers for Large Animals
( 1959) Cihak, Donald ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The tranquilizing drugs have proven themselves a popular and successful means of chemical restraint. Under certain conditions they have many advantages over drugs formerly used for sedation. At this time the most successful tranquilizing drugs are the phenothiazine derivatives.

Incidence of Bovine Leptospriosis in Iowa
( 1959) Carbrey, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A survey of the incidence of bovine leptospriosis in 15 counties in Iowa was made using the rapid plate and capillary tube test as developed by Stoenner. A statistical correction technique was applied in an effort to approximate the true incidence.

Repair of the Mandibular and Premaxillary Symphyses in the Feline
( 1959) Johnson, Lowell ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 1 1/2-year old domestic feline was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic with fractures of the mandibular and premaxillary symphyses fracture of the hard palate and a tarn soft palate. The patient had apparently been struck by an automobile.

Book Reviews
( 1959) Kenagy, C. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository
Faculty News
( 1959) Iowa State University Digital Repository