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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 2, Issue 12

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Iowa Farm Science Vol. 2, No. 12
( 1948-06-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Better Protein More Oil in Your Corn
( 1948-06-01) Sprague, G. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Corn that is higher in oil, corn with a better balance of protein - that's something farmers can look forward to. The new improvements will be useful. But they're not as spectacular as they sound. Higher oil content, better proteins can't be seen in the field or in the crib. Farmers are apt to be disappointed if they expect too much.

Custom Rates for Farm Machinery
( 1948-06-01) Heady, Earl ; Barger, E. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Iowa farmers are hiring more custom work done on their farms than they used to. And it's a logical adjustment. Farmers can't always afford to invest in a complete line of invest of a complete line of machinery just for their own needs. The size of their operation may not justify it.

Good Pasture Good Beef
( 1948-06-01) Peterson, M. ; Culbertson, C. ; Heady, Earl ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Many farmers would grow more forages and legumes if they had a good market for them. Grasses and legumes help build soil fertility, they help control erosion. Nearly every Iowa frmer will agree to that. Yet our actual progress in the use of more forages has been disappointingly slow - probably for lack of a good forage market.

Better Wraps for Frozen Foods
( 1948-06-01) Peet, Louise ; Nelson, Mildred ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

"Freezer burn" is robbing many Iowa families of the best flavor in their frozen foods. Many foods, especially meat,dry out on the surface when stored in freezer lockers without proper packing. That's what we mean by "freezer burn."