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Gladiolus insects in Iowa Bulletin: Volume 32, Issue 359

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Gladiolus insects in Iowa
( 2017-08-24) Tate, H. ; Poor, M. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Previous to the discovery of the gladiolus thrips in North America in 1929, the gladiolus plant was considered practically free from serious insect injury. With the introduction and rapid distribution of the thrips, however, the study of insects attacking the gladiolus has demanded the attention of entomologists as well as commercial growers in many states. At the present time a complete list of insects which feed on this plant would comprise a considerable number of species. Even though some of these are of only secondary importance, they may under some conditions become pests of serious consequence to the individual grower. The purpose of this bulletin is to familiarize the grower with the habits, type of injury and the control of the more common gladiolus insect pests.