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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Anal Atresia in a Calf
( 1941) Wahl, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A three day old male Hereford calf was the object of a veterinary call this past summer. The history of the case was that the calf had nursed the first day after parturition, and hadn't nursed since. Examination revealed a congenital absence of the anal opening. Since there was no evident protrusion of the anal region, it was impossible to determine how far forward the posterior end of the tract was located. A disc of skin was removed from the region, but all efforts to locate the end of the rectum resulted in failure.

( 1941) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Myxo-fibromae on the Head of a Bull
( 1941) Huso, B. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

An eighteen-month-old Shorthorn bull was brought to the Charles Henry Stange Memorial Clinic on April 15, 1941. This animal had a large growth on the right frontal region which hung down over the right eye. Two similar, but smaller growths were also present, one involving the left horn and the other the right side of the neck. The animal was examined, and although no exact diagnosis as to the nature of the growth was made, it was evident that surgery would be necessary if a recovery was to be effected.

Feeding Livestock
( 1941) Mathis, Anthony ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It is well to remember, in feeding livestock, that not only do different species of animal require different feeds, but also that growing animals usually require rations different than fattening or mature animals. A good general rule is that grow·· ing rations should contain a higher percentage of protein than fattening rations. Another wise rule is that in feeding an animal, be it sheep, hog or steer, begin with the proper feeding of its mother before and during pregnancy. With these simple rules in mind, we may briefly consider some of the aspects of the problems of feeding livestock.

Vitamin E
( 1941) Held, Harold ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In this day of vitamin consciousness, vitamin E is receiving its share of publicity in the daily and the farm press. Vitamin E, like many other of our new therapeutic agents, might be classed as a glamour drug, and as such, is accepted and used by many with very little inquiry into its basic chemistry and physiological action.