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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 34, Issue 1

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( 2017-08-11) Wilkerson, Joan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

African and Eastern art has inspired the textile designers to bring novel and colorful cotton prints to the fashion front this year. Dainty pastel prints have given way to geometric designs and dramatic color.

New Zest in Dinnerware Designs
( 2017-08-11) Mertens, Joan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With today's modern living, homemakers have found that informal entertaining is a must. Dinnerware designers, recognizing this are now creating pottery and china featuring new shapes, colors and patterns.

Their Goal- Good Housekeeping
( 2017-08-11) Fox, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There shall be free admission of young women, on equal terms with young men, to all the privileges and honors which the institution can bestow," announced A. S. Welch, first president of Iowa State College, in his inaugural address on March 17, 1869. President Welch told of new plans for Iowa State College.

Treat to Eat
( 2017-08-11) Will, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On a warm spring afternoon, what will top something cool, smooth and sweet to eat when that last class is over. Find a friend and you both can relax and stop a minute for an ice cream cone, a sundae or soda.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.34, no.1
( 2017-08-11) Will, Dorothy ; Vandecar, Mary ; Gerling, Barbara ; Jirsa, Doris ; Mertens, Joan ; Odegard, Mary ; Johnson, Vivian ; Fox, Nancy ; Wilkerson, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

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