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The Iowa Homemaker vol.12, no.3 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 12, Issue 3

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Another Wedding?
( 2017-05-10) Kirstein, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There is a large, square white envelope in the mail for you on a June morning. You open it eagerly and shriek with sudden surprise, "Another marriage! I haven't seen her since our sophomore year in college. I wonder what kind of man she is marrying?" Then, after a moment's thought, "Oh, dear! What shall I wear? I haven't a decent rag in the house! - Shall I answer an invitation to a church wedding? Must I send a present?"

Will They Even Eat Spinach?
( 2017-05-10) Hendriks, Gertrude ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Won't you come to my party up in the 'Wee Cookroom' this noon?"

That is Patty asking Rea Jane to come up to the third floor of the nursery school annex, there to help prepare dinner, then eat it in party style.

Choose Charming China
( 2017-05-10) Rock, Pearl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

For all happiness there are moments of despair and uncertainty for Mrs. June Bride. She goes to the store to select the chinaware for her home. Such an array of shapes, patterns, designs, and colors as are put before her! The eeny, meeny, miny, mo method may work very well for selecting a person to be "it" for a game, but wouldn't work at all as a method for the selection of china.

Are You Anemic?
( 2017-05-10) Anderson, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Diet plays an important part in a great many diseases. In most cases these diseases are those which last over a period of months or years, and the patient is not bed-ridden. In fact, if he gets plenty of physical and mental rest and modifies what he eats to suit his particular condition he may feel as well and be as efficient in his work as any other person. And in many of the so-called minor ailments, correct eating will help to maintain good health.

If the Shoe Fits...
( 2017-05-10) Putnam, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How often do we take time to realize how closely related our posture, health, and clothing are?