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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 49, Issue 2

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Iowa State Journal of Research 49.2
( 1974-11-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Tantivit, A., and K.J. Frey. Inheritance of groat-protein percentage in reciprocal crosses among and with Avena spp. 89

Shaw, R.H. A weighted moisture-stress index for corn in Iowa. 101

Rupnow, A.A. Anxiety, teaching methods, and motor performance of children. 115

Knight, H.H. A key to species of Phytocoris Fallen belonging to the Phytocoris junceus Kngt. group to species (Hemiptera, Miridae). 123

Hoffmann, J.K. Morphological variation in species of Bakernema, Criconema, and Criconemoides (Criconematidae: Nematoda). 137

Bachmann R.W., and J.R. Jones. Phosphorus inputs and algal blooms in lakes. 155

Humanities Symposium on Rural Life.

Nash, R. Introduction. 161

Thomson, G.W. The prairie grove revisited. 165

Hollenbach, P.W. The meaning of desert symbolism for civilization in ancient Israel. 169

Drexler, M.B. Rural life in the stage setting of ancient theatre. 181

Bataille, R. The esthetics and ethics of farming: the southern agrarian view. 189

Bernard, R. W. Noel du Fail's portrait of country life in the Propos Rustiques. 195

Norman, B. City and country in Saint-Amant. 201

Sandrock, J.P. The vision of rural life in German Heimatliteratur. 207

Vinograde, A.C. The key role of the rural settings in the stories of Yury Kazakov. 211