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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 19, Issue 4

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Physically Fit For What?
( 1964-10-01) Forker, Barbara ; Roderuck, Charlotte ; Beveridge, Elizabeth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Physical fitness permits a person to enjoy life to the fullest. But does this mean 100 situps while your automatic washer and drier puts the finishing touches on this week's laundry? Here is a timely appraisal of calories, calisthenics and energy-saving household equipment.

Especially for Homemakers
( 1964-10-01) Hubbs, Pat ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Does a discount house really offer discounts? When is a bargain really a bargain really a bargain? This month's homemaker feature offers eight important tips aimed at helping discount house shoppers get the most for their money.

Regional Impact of Retiring Whole Farms
( 1964-10-01) Heady, Earl ; Skold, Melvin ; Whittlesey, Norman ; Holst, Dean ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Suppose the government adopted a program of returing marginal land on a whole farm basis. What would happen to the Corn Belt in 1965 if the major goal were to balance supply demand? Where would the nation stand in 1975?

For Your Interest
( 1964-10-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This month features an experiment station-AEC attempt to learn the effects of irradiation on man by exposing swine to X-rays. Other studies cover 2-year-old steers, improved corn shellers and high vigor seeds. Threre's also a prediction that secondary tillage may be eliminated though chemical weed control.

Economic Success of Farm Migrants
( 1964-10-01) Bauder, Ward ; Burchinal, Lee ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Farm people who migrated to Des Moines held lower status jobs, earned less money, and lived in more modest homes when compared to urban migrants and lifetime residents. Why? This penetrating analysis explains how a lack of education has handicapped many farm migrants - and their children.