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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 3, Issue 10

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Are Aluminum Pans Poisonous
( 1949-04-01) Peet, Louise ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Many homemakers have written to me about salesmen who have high-pressured them into buying stainless steel cooking utensils. These salesmen have not only made elaborate claims as to the results you'll have when you cook with their pots and pans; but they also suggest that dreadful things can happen if you cook in kettles or roast in pans made of aluminum or of copper-bottomed steel.

Where Do Our High School Graduates Go?
( 1949-04-01) Bohlen, Joe ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Who leaves our farm communities- and who stays?

What Kinds-How Much Livestock
( 1949-04-01) Oakleaf, Kenneth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

On most Iowa farms, raising livestock means more income. Grain crops are ordinarily worth more when marketed as livestock products than when sold directly as a grain. Though forages help improve the soil, they have little other use than for livestock feed.

More Alfalfa-Red Clover Seed
( 1949-04-01) Wilsie, C. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Acreages of alfalfa and red clover harvested for seed in Iowa vary a good deal from year to year. Weather and insect pests have kept average yields low, and have kept harvest prospects uncertain. Many farmers don't know on July 15 whether or not they will harvest any seed.

Price Support Issue
( 1949-04-01) Kaldor, Don ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Both major political parties have approved the principle of supporting farm prices. So price supports are almost certain to be a part of our farm policy for the next few years.