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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 38, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 38.1
( 1963-08-15) Iowa State University Digital Repository

A memorial to Milton Silverman in Recognition of his Contributions to Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Dedication. 1

The determination of a-tocopherol in animal tissue by gas-liquid chromatography. J.G. Bieri an E.L. Andrews. 3

A tale of two enzymes. Simon Black. 13

Studies on the folic acid vitamins VIII. Duration of the effects of amethopterin in the mouse. Paul T. Condit. 17

The nutrition of avian Lactobacillus bifidus. David Hendlin, Patric L. Williams, Jeanne C. Wall and Robert H. Walton. 23

The activity of an alkaline proteinase from Aspergillus oryzae toward synthetic substrates. Daniel S. Longnecker and George Kalintsky. 31

Isolation and properties of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. John C. Keresztesy and Kenneth O. Donaldson. 41

The mode of action of thiamin diphosphate in acetoin formation. L.O. Krampitz. 45

Some changing concepts regarding the coliform group: Pathogenicity, index of pollution, and protective properties. Max Levine. 51

Biochemical differences in normal and tumor tissue (adenocarcinoma E-0771 and Ehrlich ascites tumor) of mice: Amino acid composition. Christine Smith, Reid S. Flippen and Milo N. Mickelson. 61

Some biochemical alterations in hosts during Coxiella burnetii infection. W.F. Myers, C.M. Downs and D. Paretsky. 69

Antibiosis in sea water. Arthur K. Saz. 75

The protoplast membrane and the group D antigen of Streptococcus faecalis. Hutton D. Slade and Gerald D. Shockman. 83

Pathways of phosphoenolpyruvate synthesis in glycogenesis. Merton F. Utter. 97

Electrophoresis in starch gels. Apparatus for a multichannel, constant current system. Dean D. Watt and E.C Hannan. 115

The symmetrical C3 in the propionic acid fermentation and the effect of avidin on propionate formation. Rune Stjernholm and Harland G. Wood. 123