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The Iowa Homemaker vol.5, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 5, Issue 6

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New Faculty Members
( 2017-04-04) Beck, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There are nineteen new members on the Home Economics faculty this fall.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.5, no.6
( 2017-04-04) Dewell, Barbara ; Rodgers, Mildred ; Bonnell, Grace ; McClean, Beth ; Heidbreder, Grace ; Reck, Virginia ; Ericson, Margaret ; Moore, Muriel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Table of Contents

The Thanksgiving Dinner by Barbara Dewell, page 1

Safe and Adequate Food Supply by Mildred Rodgers, page 2

Real Lace by Grace Bonnell, page 3

When in Doubt – Try Apples by Beth Bailey McLean, page 4

“In the Candle Light”, page 5

With Iowa State Home Economics Association, page 6

The Mechanical Maid by Grace Heidbreder, page 7

Girls’ 4-H Clubs, page 8

Editorial, page 9

Who’s There and Where, page 10

The Eternal Question, page 12

New Faculty Members by Virginia Reck, page 14

Birch Hall by Margaret Ericson, page 15

Recipes – Old and New by Muriel Moore, page 16

The Thanksgiving Dinner
( 2017-04-04) Dewell, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Over three hundred years have elapsed since the first Thanksgiving was held here in our United States. Early that bright cold morning our Pilgrim fathers arose and went to worship and gave thanks to God for His many blessings. The privations, loneliness and hardships of that day are hard to imagine now with our modern conveniences. Perhaps sometimes we forget how much Thanksgiving day really meant to our Pilgrim forefathers. We remember instead the bountiful meal they prepared for their Indian friends and themselves. We must not forget the real meaning of Thanksgiving day, but naturally homemakers today are all interested in that first Thanksgiving meal.

The Mechanical Maid
( 2017-04-04) Heidbreder, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

New ways for old! In the olden days of a score of years ago when "hired girls" could be employed for the small sum of three or four dollars a week to do the family housework there was little worry over the help problem. The girls were glad to get work and were willing to perform all the household tasks from the family washing to acting as nurse maid for the children. In those days the housewife, at least so it seems in retrospect, had few worries. Education has made advancements, factories have sprung up over the country offering better salaries with shorter hours, until at the present time it is almost impossible to hire a competent maid-"hired girls" having gone out of existence.

Who's There and Where
( 2017-04-04) McMullen, Josephine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mona Thompson '25 writes very interestingly of her work as assistant manager of the Cosmos club in Washington, D. C. An excerpt from her first letter to Ames friends follows: "I simply am crazy about the work and each day grows more interesting than the one previous. This is the typical city man's club just like you see in the 'movies'. It is in the old President Madison home just opposite the present White House and is just filled with beautiful antique furniture.