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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 40, Issue 6

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.40, no.6
( 2017-08-28) Lambeth, Beth ; Adix, Marilyn ; DeLay, Carolynn ; Noid, Sylvia ; Shellenbarger, Carol ; Keeney, Mary ; Cruickshank, Sandra ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Headlines, Beth Lambeth, page 4

Today’s Leaders, Marilyn Adix, page 5

What is Home Management?, Carolynn DeLay, page 6

More and More Pancakes, Sylvia Noid, Carol Shellenbarger, page 8

Conversation Carnations, Mary Keeney, page 10

She Cleared the Way for Women’s Rights, Sandra Cruickshank, page 11

Conversation Carnations
( 2017-08-28) Keeney, Marty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With a few inexpensive materials and a little imagination, create table centerpieces which will be conversation pieces as well.

Today's Leaders
( 2017-08-28) Adix, Marilyn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"I'd like a job which would give me an opportunity to travel." "A chance to work in the fashion world, that's for me!" "How do you suppose you learn to take those glamorous food pictures?"

( 2017-08-28) Lambeth, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hats make the HEADlines this season for campus day and night wear. Coeds have taken to covering their locks around the clock with knits, furs and lace.

More and More Pancakes
( 2017-08-28) Noid, Sylvia ; Shellenbarger, Carol ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There's a new fad in restaurant eating... it's pancakes and more pancakes. Restaurants which serve pancakes exclusively are aptly termed Pancake Houses. Last year hundreds of newly built Pancake Houses across the nation served over 100 million pancakes. They featured many new varieties along with the traditional hot buttered pancake with maple syrup.