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House plants Bulletin P: Volume 1, Issue 14

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House plants
( 1940-07-01) Wingert, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Growing plants indoors serves at least three purposes. It satisfies a common desire to have growing plants the year around. It provides an interesting and challenging hobby for those who attempt to grow an extensive collection of pot plants. House plants also can play a definite part in interior decoration when varieties are carefully chosen, well grown and properly placed. Regardless of purpose, there are relatively few homes that do not include at least one house plant.

House plants vary widely in their ability to thrive under certain house conditions. One objective of this bulletin is to point out the strengths and weaknesses of various indoor plants so that the homemaker may select varieties which are suited to growing conditions in the house. Light, temperature, humidity and frequently the type of fuel used for cooking or heating will influence the degree of success with which potted plants can be grown.