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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 8, Issue 11

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1954 Spring Outlook
( 1954-05-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Business began to soften during the middle of last year. This was the first downturn-except for the 1949 recession- since the late 1930's.

Tornado? Listen-Look-Think Then Act
( 1954-05-01) Barger, Gerald ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Last summer, you heard several tornado forecasts on your radio. And quite often tornadoes occurred in the areas described by the forecasts. You've started hearing these forecasts again now- but we hope not often.

Self-Feed Silage to Cut Labor
( 1954-05-01) Armstrong, Ray ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Thousands of Iowa farmers use grass or corn silage as feed for cattle. Under present feeding practices, this calls for many hours of labor; this can be practically by the use of self-feeding silos.

Consumer Citizenship and Your Clothing Dollar
( 1954-05-01) Rea, Lucille ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

On what basis do you make clothing purchases for your family? Your ready answer might be, "need, cost, appearance, quality." These are the usual over-the-counter considerations, though there may be others which influence your decisions. In the light of these, however, you cast your vote in favor of one commodity or another.

Hogs to Fit Our Needs
( 1954-05-01) Hazel, L. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Jack Sprat could eat no fat; his wife could eat no lean..."