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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 9, Issue 1

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Help Your Freezer Be More Efficient
( 1954-07-01) Ehrenkranz, Florence ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Much food goes into home freezers during the summer, Peak loads of food must be handled when at their best. Here's how to freeze quantities of food quickly and package them to preserve their quality.

What's the Best Way to Harvest Corn?
( 1954-07-01) Herum, Floyd ; Barnes, Kenneth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Farmers have several choices in selecting corn harvesting methods. The most common method, of course, is to pick and husk with a mechanical picker and put the ears in a crib for natural drying.

Problems in Choosing a Hog Marketing Place
( 1954-07-01) Thompson, Sam ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Several recent Iowa Farm Science articles have dealt with hog feeding, breeding, management and marketing weights. But after these problems, there is still one more-that of effecitively marketing your hogs.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 9, No. 1
( 1954-07-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
You're Getting New Neighbors!
( 1954-07-01) Jehlik, Paul ; Beal, George ; Wakeley, Ray ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Iowa farm families are getting new neighbors- nonfarm families. Since many of the rural nonfarm families live in the open country, along with the farm families they share a common living experience. But to the extent that occupations, previous social ties and experiences are different, interests may be expected to be different. For rural people and those who work with rural people, these factors become all the more imporant with the past and almost certain continued growth of the unincorporated nonfarm population.