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Planning the kitchen Bulletin P: Volume 3, Issue 77

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Planning the kitchen
( 1945-11-01) Budolfson, Marie ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Convenient, attractive kitchens have not always been considered essential. But actually the old fashioned kitchen with no sink, few storage places, improper working heights and many doors is as out of date as the horse and buggy.

At best, some kitchen work is monotonous and time-consuming. Because many homemakers spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room, it should be the most carefully planned room in the house. Provisions must be made for getting work done with the least use of time and energy and yet with the greatest amount of pleasure.

Before planning a kitchen, each family will want to determine just what activities are to be carried on there. If some or all of the meals are to be eaten in the kitchen, if laundry work or food preservation is to be done there, the kitchen should be so planned.