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Wee Listeners Join Radio Fans
( 2017-07-25) Smiley, Lee ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do you remember the times you climbed on Mother's knee to hear her begin "Once upon a time?" Today, youngsters of pre-school age gather around the radio to hear their favorite stories read by the "Storvbook Lady" each morning at 11 o'clock.

Let Common Sense Guide Your Hope Chest Plans
( 2017-07-25) Breckenridge, Jo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We think of brides and hope chests . the way we think of salt and pepper. There's never one without the other. If it's only a short time until you'll be writing that wonderful new name for keeps, it's time to start a hope chest.

With Spring- Sport's the Thing
( 2017-07-25) Allen, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

With spring and sunny weather just around the proverbial corner, your fancies most naturally turn to enjoying the out-of-doors. While you're outside, you might well be improving your health and general appearance by engaging in one of the many sports especially adapted to balmy weather. Don't groan and say that you're tired; sports don't necessarily mean a hot game of baseball or a long, strenuous 10-mile hike. You can exercise in any mild way that you like.

Simple Corsages That You Can Make
( 2017-07-25) Olson, Emogene ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Corsages are fun to make. A few flowers, a few ideas, some simple supplies and a knack with a little practice are all you need. Making corsages gives your imagination a chance to really prove itself. The types of arrangements are only as limited as your imagination.

Vicky Boasts- Bring on the Rain
( 2017-07-25) Williams, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A gloomy, drizzling day need not cause a dejected spirit if you follow Vicky's advice. Have fun with your rainy-day apparel. A snappy plaid umbrella and gay accessories can make those April showers look like a maze of refreshing colors.