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Perspectives Datum: student journal of architecture: Volume 3, Issue 1

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( 2012-01-01) Al Nashmi, Jassim ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This piece was inspired completely by the unique slab of solid hardwood; a black walnut board that had a taper on its long side, there was also a split down the middle, a crack that was reminiscent of a canyon.

Wind Phenomena
( 2012-01-01) Buchholz, Dane ; Sitzmann, Adam ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The natural phenomenon that this project deals with is wind. Wind is an invisible occurrence, so we decided to use sound to record the wind.

Columbus Museum for Innovative Objects of Design
( 2012-01-01) Bruggeman, Elissa ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Often times museums are much too quick to reveal their contents, resulting in spoon-feeding patrons the art on a metaphoric silver platter. Objects worth such protection and consideration of display should be contained within a structure that places the same constraints upon itself.

Love is a Place
( 2012-01-01) Counts, Reed ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Lyrics from Love Is A Place, by Metric, inscribed on the shade.

The Mash Up
( 2012-01-01) Aalgard, Adam ; Cilek, Peter ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The MashUp project is an installation piece that builds off the improvisation and layering present within Jazz music. It combines three assigned elements, a piece of music [Phillip Glass, Train 1], a work of architecture [Frank Gehry, Disney Concert Hall], and a location within Boston [Charles River] into one piece.