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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 29, Issue 2

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Innervation of the Forearm and Foot of the Domestic Pig
( 1967) Ghoshal, N. ; Getty, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In order to accomplish various nerve blocks to perform satisfactory surgery a comprehensive knowledge about the innervation of the forearm and foot of the domestic pig is of prime importance. This study will also enable us to have a better understanding of the domestic species differences, if any.

Faculty News
( 1967) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Aspects of B Virus Infection in Laboratory Monkeys
( 1967) Cheville, N. ; Kluge, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

B virus infection of monkeys appears to be analogous to herpes simplex infection of man. The virus causes vesicular lesions of the lips, tongue and buccal mucosa following periods of stress. Encephalitis in monkeys due to B virus, as with herpes simplex in man, occurs but is rare.

Parasites in Domestic Animals in Iowa
( 1967) Greve, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Because the profit margin in the livestock industry is narrowing year by year, the importance of subclinical disease ever increases. Of major importance in the realm of subclinical disease is parasitism. Although parasites are capable of causing severe morbidity and morality, the usual situation seen from day to day is the insidious, nonspectacular stress placed on animals by subclinical infections by various parasites.

Caesarian Section on Chinchillas
( 1967) Metz, Allen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Caesarian section is one of the most common surgical procedures in chinchillas. The main indications are oversized feti, closed or immature cervix. monstorosities, mummified feti, dead or putrefied feti, and malpositioning.