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Binocular Vision Datum: student journal of architecture: Volume 5, Issue 1

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Two Teachers, Mixed Methods
( 2014-01-01) Rogers, Carl ; Ji, Jungwoo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

As a studio instructor, I believe in teaching students to creatively explore their imagination through making models.

Preface and Introduction
( 2014-01-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Enticing Possibilities
( 2014-01-01) Ali, Mohammed ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A question, as architects we often ask, but rarely in education we elaborate upon early in our careers. At hands, we are solution makers, to various problems or questions, whether it is fashion, urban refinement and revival, political gestures, product design, art, film, graphic design or even video games, making us the overall package in the industry of analytical thinking and creative processing. The set of tools that exist at our disposal, should not only give person(s) a reason romanticize only about, becoming a master building designer or maker, but rather pursue the very fabric of what makes one excited about the process of making.

What We Do
( 2014-01-01) Carter, Ryan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Ryan Carter's answer to "What we do." A student perspective on the place of iteration in our explanations to family and friends.

Agents of Production: Music
( 2014-01-01) Maltby, Jill ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Devoted Datum thinker Jill Maltby introduces us to the concept of her way of getting through a project with her strategic music selections, while Suncica Jasarovic + Dake Li + Chenglong Zhao's San Francisco Jazz House project shows us the importance of distracting yourself with Netflix while undertaking an incredibly-time consuming model.