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Corn substitutes for fattening lambs—Parts I and II Bulletin: Volume 17, Issue 210

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Corn substitutes for fattening lambs—Parts I and II
( 2017-07-31) Evvard, John ; Dunn, Russell ; Culbertson, C. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Shelled corn is a superior basal grain for fattening lambs in dry lot, in the cornbelt and under the conditions of the experiments reported in this bulletin. This fact stands out clearly in the results of the two years’ work at the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station in the winters of 1918-19 and 1919-20.

Shelled corn proved to be more efficient than either oats or barley when fed alone, this being the case when all factors, such as feed required per hundred pounds gain, feed costs, cost of shipping and margin of profit or loss per lamb, are considered.