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Economic efficiency in pasture production and improvement in southern Iowa Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 32, Issue 419

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Economic efficiency in pasture production and improvement in southern Iowa
( 2017-06-13) Heady, Earl ; Olson, Russell ; Scholl, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Pasture crops provide an important source of income on most Corn Belt farms. On some farms of the Corn Belt, such as in southern Iowa, resources are such that income depends largely or entirely on pastures for livestock production. On these farms, earnings and the level of living of farm families may be raised measurably through better pasture improvement and management. Research in the last few decades has led to discoveries which many persons think can greatly increase returns from pasture crops. New grass and legume species and varieties have appeared which out yield older ones; they are hardier and better adapted to the weather conditions of the area. Techniques of production have been developed which increase yields and reduce risks and costs of pasture production. Farm magazines, newspapers, the extension services of state colleges, and various state and federal agencies have encouraged more widespread adoption of improved pasture practices. Many persons see, in the improved practices, an opportunity for expanding pasture acreage without reducing income.