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Some of the Whys of Eggs, Milk and Cheese
( 2017-04-04) McMullen, Josephine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Why do the whites of eggs beat up more lightly than the yolks? Why does a black ring some· times form around the yolk of a hard cooked egg? What causes the film on the top of heated milk? Why is cheese sometimes ropy and tough when cooked? And on and on-dozens of questions about every day occurrences usually explained by, "It does because it does." The true explanations are simple and interesting in the light they throw upon cooking processes.

Brighten Up the Wardrobe
( 2017-04-04) Dahl, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What shall I do with my winter clothes? They look so dull and uninteresting. I do wish spring would come!"

Christmas In Kentucky
( 2017-04-04) Dewell, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Down in the Smokey mountains in Tennessee, live a group of people who know very little of the outside world, and who, 'up within the last six or seven years, have been little known in the world.

Who's There and Where
( 2017-04-04) McMullen, Josephine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Of the 34 Smith-Hughes home economics teachers in the state of Iowa 32 of them are Iowa State graduates and 16 were members of the class of '25. To qualify for Smith-Hughes work a girl must have done practice teaching in college and have the equivalent of two years of homemaking experience in addition to the requirements for a first grade state certificate.

The Cooperation of Home Economics Teachers With Business Firms
( 2017-04-04) Barber, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

As a rule t!he general public does not understand that manufacturing firms are trying to help solve its problems of cooperation. The manufacturer is doing his best to help through "modification of methods to give satisfaction to customers through intelligent service, truthful advertisements and helpful contacts".