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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 13, Issue 2

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Market Information -- Where to Get It, How to Use It
( 1958-08-01) Futrell, Gene ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Current market information, coupled with outlook information and an understanding of seasonal price and supply patterns, can help make your marketing decisions an additional paying part of your farm business.

Iowa Opportunity -- Is Industry an Answer?
( 1958-08-01) Oest, Irwin ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Progress and change are very closely linked- so closely that it's difficult to separate cause from effect. You may have heard it said that one doesn't take place in the absence of the other, or "Progress is change; Change is progress." While it's true that all progress involves change, all change, however, is not neccessarily progress.

Systemic Insecticides Control Cattle Grubs
( 1958-08-01) Raun, Earle ; Herrick, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Systemic grub killers now available are effective in controlling cattle grubs when used as recommended. In tests, better gain on less feed and higher market returns more than offset the cost of treatment.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 13, No. 2
( 1958-08-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
How Much for More Land?
( 1958-08-01) Hurlburt, Virgil ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Here's a method you can use to estimate the value of adding acreage to your farm. Starting with data from your farm account records, an 8-step procedure indicates about how much you can afford to pay for more land.