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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 3, Issue 12

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Do Crop Varieties Run Out?
( 1949-06-01) Johnson, I. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The science and practice of plant breeding has proved that a pure line of a self-pollinated crop variety will continue to breed true as long as it is not mixed or crossed with other varieties. Yet the myth of "running out" persists among many farm people.

APF for Poultry
( 1949-06-01) Johnson, Elton ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Will APF (the animal protein factor) replace all animal proteins in rations for poultry?

Farm Outlook
( 1949-06-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Exports pep up sagging hog market. Seasonal price drop likely to come earlier this fall. Biggest news during May to hog producers was the announcement of export allocations for 73 million pound of pork during the April-June quarter.

Why Do Clinton Oats Vary?
( 1949-06-01) Morey, Darrell ; Johnson, I. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Take a good look at your Clinton oats this year- chances are you won't find them as uniform as oats usually are.

Portable and Permanent
( 1949-06-01) Morford, V. ; Odegaard, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This poultry range shelter features permanent structure in a portable type building. It's built with simple, rigid construction using casein glue at important joints. The use of knee braces or gussets to join rafters and studding (see illustrations) eliminates cross bracing inside the shelter, allowing easy access to the inside. The complete rafter and stud assembly can be nailed and glued before putting it up.