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The Iowa Homemaker vol.29, no.2 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 29, Issue 2

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Stop That Moth!
( 2017-07-26) Hall, Gretchen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Soft breezes and warm sunshine are coaxing you into bright cool cottons.

Just What Is Success?
( 2017-07-26) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Most likely to succeed! But is she? Members of her class and her associates in clubs and honoraries agree that she is "most brilliant' and "most likely to succeed." Was theirs a sure instinct when they paired her exceptionally fine, original mind with "success"?

Vicky Plans Her Wardrobe For Summer Travel
( 2017-07-26) Wallace, Margret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This summer, Vicky is going to play. "I've worked enough summers," she decided. "This vacation I'm going to travel!"

It's Not a Three-Ring Circus It's a Track Meet
( 2017-07-26) Hansen, Donald ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

in the year eleventy-seven thousand B.C., a prehistoric man chased a fair cave lass up a few glaciers and around a couple of mountains, at that, so the story goes, was the origin of the sport called track. All Clyde Caveman got for his efforts was the dubious honor of fathering the human race. But born in all men is the urge to excel, a competitive spirit, and Clyde was no exception. Put together these inbred characteristics and you have the most ancient of sports, track and field.

Storybook Farmhouse
( 2017-07-26) Sutherland, Janet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You'd almost believe this story book farmhouse came straight from Grimm's fairy tales. And surprisingly enough, it was planned to be that way by its owner, Miss Kjaerstine Mathiesen, who farms 160 acres of land near Harlan.