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The Iowa Homemaker vol.7, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 7, Issue 8

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Farm and Home Week
( 2017-04-18) Pedersen, Sylvia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The official registration for the 1928 Farm and Home Week totalled 1,450. We are proud to announce that over half of these were homemakers of Iowa. In all, there were 75 counties represented. It is an impossibility to make a full report on the many interesting and varied presentations and speeches during this week, but the Iowa Homemaker will give its readers as much as can be presented in this manner.

Iowa State Home Economics Association
( 2017-04-18) Turner, Marcia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Many times the Home Economics teacher is thrilled by the apparent enthusiasm with which the students in her foods classes se~ up standards for the appearance and sanitation of their foods laboratory and of themselves in that laboratory

The Evolution of Women's Club
( 2017-04-18) Looft, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The woman's club movement represents a part of the great popular educational movement which is sweeping like a tidal wave over the country, and of which summer schools, chautauquas, night schools and university extension are all manifestations.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.7, no.8
( 2017-04-18) Morrison, Ruth ; Garner, Irma ; Looft, Margaret ; Pedersen, Sylvia ; Marnette, Margaret ; Thomas, Frances ; Morrell, Corline ; Turner, Marcia ; Brigham, Harriett ; Parker, Gladys ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Memorial Hall by Ruth E. Morrison, Antescript

Dawn’s Awakening by Irma D. Garner, Antescript

The Evolution of Women’s Clubs by Margaret Looft, page 1

Farm and Home Week by Sylvia Pedersen, page 2

How Much Shall I Buy? by Margaret L. Marnette, page 4

Marketing in Egypt by Frances Thomas, page 5

Girls’ 4-H Page by Corline Morrell, page 6

Iowa State Home Economics Association by Marcia E. Turner, page 8

Home Economics Research at Iowa State by Harriett C. Brigham, page 10

Who’s There and Where by Vera Caulum, page 12

Better Homes Week by Kathryn Davis, page 13

Foreign Students Will Occupy “The Gables” by Ruth E. Morrison, page 14

Home Economics Vod-Vil by Gladys Parker, page 15

Better Homes Week
( 2017-04-18) Davis, Kathryn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A "Better Homes Week" has many opportunities for the home economics teacher to do some worth while work in Related Art. Some of you may have a rather vague idea as to what "Better Homes Week" means and how you may make use of it in your community.