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Do We Quake Before the "Mike"?
( 2017-05-15) Burton, Mary ; Hendriks, Gertrude ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mary Burton and Gertrude Hendriks, the Babs and Betty of ''Glimpses,'' a regular Saturday morning broadcast from Iowa State's radio station, WOI, are carrying out their own ideas for presenting life at Iowa State College to outsiders. Their Saturday morning dialog is timely campus conversation between a senior and an underclassman. In this story they tell something of their experience in broadcasting.

House Plants Will Grow...
( 2017-05-15) Cook, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

That's the way the old nursery rhyme had it. For the 1934 college girl's version, scratch out the "quite contrary" and "garden" and substitute "clever very" and "house-plant" -

Do Formals Bore?
( 2017-05-15) Durr, Clarine ; Foster, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Formal dinners-to have or not to have is not the question any more. After a year of absence, the formal dinner returned to the girls' dormitories on the Iowa State campus. All the freshman, sophomore, transfer, and upper-class girls sent up a hearty chorus of approval for more of these affairs.

Prospects for Teachers
( 2017-05-15) Fezler, Edith ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"The home economics teaching field is not crowded in comparison with other teaching fields," according to Miss Hester Chadderdon, instructor in home economics education. "There are not too many good teachers, but there is a surplus of legally qualified teachers."

Aids to Beauty
( 2017-05-15) Durr, Clarine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A cheerful liar once said, "Beauty is only skin deep." And since his time legions of women have shrugged shoulders at their mirrors and let it go at that. At that - when they could have done so much!