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Botany of the pike Bay Summer Camp of the Ames Foresters
( 1926) Pammel, L. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The summer camp of the Foresters of Iowa State College for 1925 was located on Pike Bay, which is a large bay of Cass Lake. There are many lakes in the region, of which the most important is Cass Lake, named after Governor Cass. Of the other lakes, mention may be made of Big Lake, Rice Lake, Grace Lake, Lake Andrusia, Wolf Lake, Moss Lake, Twin Lakes, and Lake Thirteen. They are all of glacial origin. The Mississippi River empties into wolf Lake, thence into Lake Andrusia and leaves Cass Lake at its northeasterly end.

A Glimpse of Michigan and Her National Forest
( 1926) Schreck, R. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Very interesting it would be to mention the word Michigan to an audience of people more or less familiar with the state and then have flashed on a screen in rapid succession the pictures of what would appear in the minds of each individual. Automobiles, mostly Fords, of course, would no doubt lead the list. Following in their order would then come the Great Lakes, large cities and industries, agriculture, educational institutions, fruit farms, iron and copper mines, good roads, miles of shore line, summer resorts, fish and game and so on down the list of things that all go to display and define a most wonderful State. A few, no doubt, would think of vanishing forests, thousands of idle acres, forest fires and the work being done by the Government and State along Forestry lines, but how much in the minority would be these minds dwelling entirely on futures. It is not unreasonable, therefore, that Forestry is moving slowly in Michigan, nor can it be expected to move faster until forest fires, the scarcity of lumber products, and idle acres become at least as important as Fords in the minds of the majority.

The Beginning of Higher Education in Forestry
( 1926) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Reprint from The Corneillian Council Bulletin

The Iowa State Fish and Game Dep't.
( 1926) Boeckh, F. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

One of the greatest factors for the conservation of wild life in our state is the State Fish and Game Department. Not only is the department vitally interested in conserving the wild life of the land, air and water but it is restoring many of the species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

An All-American Fabric---The Navajo Blanket
( 1926) Farley, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Lazily I threw back the covers of my camp bed and with numerous yawns and stretches, tried to rid myself of the kinks my body had acquired through sleeping on the hard ground. I had made a hasty camp the night before and had not the remotest idea of my surroundings, but as the sun peeped over the eastern horizon, I saw I was camped upon a knoll, which rose many hundred feet above what I supposed to be a vast plain.