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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 41, Issue 2

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Duo Drape Gowns
( 2017-08-28) Miller, Anne ; Wallen, Gail ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Not just any dress will do. Your wedding dress is a very important part of the wedding - and a significant part of the expense!

May Is Raining Roses
( 2017-08-28) Bratten, Marilynn ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Everything's "coming up roses" this month for the girl who's about to be a bride. Cupcakes are in bloom with pink frosting flowers; paper posies are budding on party trees; and in the punch bowl, a splash of rose water lends its delicate fragrance and flavor. Who's behind the rosey glow?- you, of course, with your green party thumb, coordinating the prettiest shower of the season for a friend who is going to be married.

Bells Ring at ISU
( 2017-08-28) Fridley, Jo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Couples who meet on Iowa State's campus often choose to have their weddings in the same area. Gardens, chapels, and even the Union fountain are backdrops for the ceremonies.

Look at Latest
( 2017-08-28) Nielsen, Karen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It's Spring in Paris, and the 1961 Trade Fair is well under way. Emphasis in the American exhibit is on convenience foods found on our markets. Ready-to-cook turkeys and other poultry products, dried fruit, packaged cake mixes, minute rice, instant non-fat dry milk, frozen foods, and frozen juices will be featured. Demonstrations will point out how quickly and efficiently these foods can be prepared.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.41, no.2
( 2017-08-28) Williams, Karen ; Bratten, Marilynn ; Sherman, Sharon ; Collison, Anne ; Fridley, Jo ; Miller, Anne ; Warren, Gail ; Nielsen, Karen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Tips Add Ease In Traveling, Karen Williams, page 4

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“Instant” Palace Is Rare, Sharon Sherman, page 8

Flowers Range from Gardenias to New Glamellias, Anne Collison, page 10

Bells Ring at ISU, Jo Ann Fridley, page 11

Duo Drape Gowns, Anne Miller, Gail Wallen, page 12

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