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The Iowa Homemaker vol.23, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 23, Issue 8

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.23, no.8
( 2017-07-19) Ralston, Margaret ; Midgorden, Ruth ; Callahan, Genevieve ; McKibben, Victoria ; Dale, Norma ; Watt, Dorothy ; Kerekes, Frances ; Russell, Janet ; Gregg, Doris ; Carter, Virginia ; Lusher, Rachel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Keeping Up With Today, Margaret Ralston, page 2

Honored for Service, page 3

From Graduates’ Letters, page 4

G. I. Candy Bar, Ruth Midgorden, page 5

When You’re Career-Bound, Genevieve Callahan, page 6

Educational Psychology in Action, Victoria McKibben, page 7

Research Introduces New Meat, Norma Dale, page 8

Spotlight on a SPAR, page 9

What’s New in Home Economics, page 10

Forecast Clothing Prospects, Dorothy Watt, page 12

The Most From The Least, page 13

Investigate Home Canning, Frances Kerekes, page 14

Wartime Tips for Wise Shoe Care, Janet Russell, page 16

Clothing Survey, Doris Ann Gregg, page 17

Across Alumnae Desks, Virginia Carter, page 18

Alums in the News, Rachel Lusher, page 20

When You're Career Bound
( 2017-07-19) Callahan, Genevieve ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The professional attitude is described by Genevieve Callahan, '20, in an article reprinted from the journal of Home Economics

Forecast Clothing Prospects
( 2017-07-19) Watt, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dorothy Watt discusses the results of government stockpiling in relation to wise buying

Educational Psychology In Action
( 2017-07-19) McKibben, Victoria ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Psychology students apply knowledge at the Franklin Opportunity School, reports Victoria McKibben

Spotlight on a SPAR
( 2017-07-19) Iowa State University Digital Repository

When Ensign Dorothy E. Stewart, '28, of the Coast Guard SPARS was a landlubber home economics major at Iowa State, she never dreamed she would trade a kitchen for a galley or say "mess" instead of dinner.