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The Iowa Homemaker vol.29, no.4 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 29, Issue 4

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Maybe They'll Whistle...
( 2017-07-26) Wallace, Margret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

But it takes more than looks to be the Dream Woman of an Iowa State Man

How To Help Your Dry Cleaner
( 2017-07-26) Chase, Elinor ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Your dry cleaner can be your wardrobe's best friend- and yours- if you cooperate with him. He plays a major role in keeping you the poised immaculate person you want to be by removing the spots and stains from your wardrobe. But his job is made easier, and you're more satisfied, when you follow these tips that dry cleaners offer

Here's a Job In- Food Photography
( 2017-07-26) Leveson, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Cooking and art walk hand in hand through the pages of good food advertising. Take a close look at the next attractive food ad you see: not only will the pictured product make you want to find the nearest kitchen and prepare it, but also the lay-out will observe the same art principles that make a painting outstanding.

Your Study STyles
( 2017-07-26) March, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Study styles this season are designed to fit you and your personality. Let's go shopping and pick out an all-occasion ensemble for you.

These Labs Are Just Like Home
( 2017-07-26) Pitzner, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Science looks over your shoulder to find out just how you use soap, food and other things in your home.