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Artificial breeding of dairy cattle in Iowa Bulletin P: Volume 4, Issue 98

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Artificial breeding of dairy cattle in Iowa
( 1949-02-01) Porter, Arthur ; Raps, Greg ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Of all the scientific terms now associated with general farming practices probably no other one has been more misunderstood than artificial insemination. By definition the term denotes “The deposition of spermatozoa into the female reproductive system by other than natural service.” Thus the word artificial is being used to signify a method “relative” or “in comparison” to natural service and in no wise is it to be understood as a “synthetic” or “unreal” procedure. The use of the word “artificial” to many people automatically suggests an inferior substitute and consequently when used in connection with breeding immediately places a barrier to its acceptance.

The term artificial breeding has often been used synonymously with artificial insemination. However, the former term appears more applicable to the whole program which would include all the procedures necessary to procure and prepare the semen for the actual insemination.