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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 17, Issue 5

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Your Light and Your Sight
( 1962-11-01) Pickett, Mary ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Good lighting in the home is essential to the comfort and well-being of all family members. Though light needs vary for different age groups and tasks, it's important to have the proper lighting for your home.

Planned Health - A Growing Idea in Livestock Disease Control
( 1962-11-01) Herrick, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

It's been said before that disease prevention - not treatments or cures - is the real key to animal health. Here's a report on a growing trend in animal disease control that's based on a premise of prevention first.

Farm Outlook
( 1962-11-01) Kutish, Francis ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The nation's economy continues to advance slowly. The growth rate this year has been slower than anticipated -- but it has been steady.

Especially for Homemakers
( 1962-11-01) Hurley, Candance ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This month: Knowing "fiber families" can help in selecting curtains: some help on choosing applicances. Nancy Lysen discusses the changed, but sometimes confusing, role of women and mothers in today's world.

"Winterize" Your Garden Plants
( 1962-11-01) Vance, Ben ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Protecting your garden plants against possible winter injury does take some extra work, but you'll be rewarded with healthier plants next spring. Here are some causes and symptoms of injury and some tips on protecting plants.