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Ames Forester: Volume 30, Issue 1

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Ames Forester Vol. 30
( 1942) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Published Annually by the Ames Forestry Club

Rehabilitation of Cut-over Pine Stands in the Southwest
( 1942) Pearson, G. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the relatively near future, cut-over forests must become the main source of saw timber in the United States. Whether these forests will prove equal to the demands placed on them depends on what is done now toward increasing their productivity. That only a small proportion of all cut-over stands, even where “selective logging” has been practiced, are in condition to produce timber crops commensurate with site capacity is too well known to require confirmation. This statement leaves devastated lands out of consideration; it refers to lands already restocked or in the process of restocking and bearing more or less commercial timber, national forest lands included.

A Safety Program in the Lumber Industry
( 1942) Rise, Carl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The importance of a safety program has in the past been stressed by many of the country’s leading industrialists. In fact, many of these leading industrialists have risen to high ranks due to their deep understanding and regard for the humans who work for and with them to produce their product or source of income. In order to understand more clearly why prevention of accidents is a mutual and basic problem to both employer and employee, the following discussion of the losses due to accidents will be given.

Woodlands and Soil Conservation
( 1942) Bennett, H. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The farmer’s land is his capital. He can no more afford to exhaust his soil in producing farm and forest commodities than the industrialist can afford to exhaust his plant and machinery in manufacturing goods. Such a short-sighted business policy sooner or later would result in bankruptcy.

Forestry Department
( 1942) Iowa State University Digital Repository

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