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Sketch: Volume 33, Issue 3

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See Only the Sunset, Love Only the Sea
( 1967) Carlisle, Andrea ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

T HE GREEN room spun and finally settled to a slow swim as the bandages were removed from Keith's eyes. At the end of the bed was his mother, a lovely blur of piled hair and bright red mouth in a silly false attempt at a smile.

( 1967) Gunnells, Curtiss ; Iowa State University Digital Repository
To the Lions, Funnyman
( 1967) Lewis, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

HTHE GAUDY sign at the bottom of the filthy stairway -**• flashed its message on and off .. . on and off. "Tonight unload your troubles on America's newest funnyman. The critics' choice for clown of the year—Blind John's presents the irresistible Bruce Kaplan."

Goin' Home
( 1967) Visser, Sandra ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

H I! MY name's Sam. What's yours?" I asked as I bounced onto the beat-up seat beside him. I settled my paper bag on one side where I could keep it from falling into the dirty aisle and popped my fist into my old catcher's mitt.

( 1967) Kratoska, Paul ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On the near south side The elevated runs down an alley, Sliding past small hotels With fire escapes climbing their sides. Through a chain link fence The sign says, "Roomettes for Men."