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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 16, Issue 5

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Especially for Homemakers
( 1961-11-01) Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This month: What are the "most useful" small appliances? Minerals in hard water can affect color and texture of cooked vegetables. Some tips on buying boys' school clothes. Child-rearing practices have changed.

How Big Will Our Farms Get? Report No. 2
( 1961-11-01) Heady, Earl ; Krenz, Ronald ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Ten years ago, a study similar to the one reported here indicated that 240 acres were large enough to realize most of the cost economies coming from farm size alone. But machinery improvements since have changed the picture.

Now, near Iowa State- The National Animal Disease Laboratory
( 1961-11-01) Herman, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Just completed this year in the National Animal Disease Laboratory at Ames. It's the newest and most modern of three major research centers of USDA's Agricultural Research Service for protecting and improving animal health.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 16, No. 5
( 1961-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Is That "Washable" Fabric Really Washable?
( 1961-11-01) Pickett, Mary ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Yes, the "blue" in Blue Monday has faded, but it's still possible to see "red' on washday when "washable" clothing and lines don't prove so launderable. Here are some things to think about before you buy.