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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 18, Issue 11

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Rising Land Prices: Are They Always Good?
( 1964-05-01) Heady, Earl ; Mayer, Leo ; Ihnen, Loren ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Landowners like the idea of rising land prices. Yet higher land costs can reduce the net income of the farm operator. For the greater the return to the land, the less remains as pay for labor and management.

Especially for Homemakers
( 1964-05-01) Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Family vacation time is here, and Marcena VerPloeg gives some tips on involving the whole family in planning your vacation. Result - more fun for the youngsters, less strain on parents and on the vacation budget.

Iowa's Disappearing Acres - How Much? How Fast?
( 1964-05-01) Saupe, William ; Joslin, Kenneth ; Timmons, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

How much Iowa farm land will be consumed by expanding cities, new super-highways, airports, recreation projects and flood control projects? An ISU team surveyed major farm land users to determine their 20-year needs.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 18, No. 11
( 1964-05-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Farm Outlook
( 1964-05-01) Uhrig, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

On March 1, farmers stated their intentions to plant 3 percent less acreage to feed grains than during 1963. The decline to 127 million acres indicated for 1964 was led by a 7 percent smaller barely acreage followed by a 4 percent drop in oats. Corn acreage is expected to be nearly 2 percent smaller, and prospective sorghum acreage is nearly the same as last year. Prospective planting of corn for the 1964 Iowa crop is estimated at 10,957,000 acres - about 5 percent below last year.