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Book Review: Doctor in the Zoo
( 1975) Graham, David ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Veterinarian is provided by society with an amazingly broad and increasingly diverse range of opportunities to provide service in the practice of the art and science of the profession. A wide variety of challenges to his skills and knowledge characterize each veterinarian's day in whatever special niche of the profession he functions.

Nasal Solar Dermatitis: "Collie Nose"
( 1975) Thomas, John ; Hoskins, Johnny ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Nasal solar dermatitis of the dog is a congenital, abnormal reaction of the skin to sunlight. it frequently occurs in Collies, Shetland Sheep Dogs, German Shepherds, and mixed breeds closely related to these breeds. It affects only the nose and eyes and the areas adjacent to them, and is commonly referred to as "collie nose." Although the exact pathogenesis is unknown, there appears to be little doubt that exposure to sunlight is one of the exciting factors. This is in contrast to feline solar dermatitis which appears not to be a photosensitive disorder.

Pseudorabies in Swine
( 1975) Meier, Les ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A producer in north central Iowa experienced a swine epizootic of pseudorabies. The young piglets exhibited typical central nervous signs of trembling, convulsions, and paddling. Mortality was over 50% in the piglets. Pregnant sows showed increased abortions and stillbirths, finally causing a low 5.4 farrowing average. Diagnosis was by virus isolation, fluorescent antibody tests, and histopathology. No treatment was successful. A review of current literature follows with the case reports.

Immunity to Neonatal Calf Diarrhea
( 1975) Roth, James ; Sexton, J. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

At the 1973 American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) meeting, Dr. Paul Blackmer of Ontario, California reported on an interesting survey which he had run in his dairy practice. On dairy or calf ranches experiencing a mortality problem, he collected serum samples from calves 24-48 hours old. Then he ran the sodium sulfite turbidity test on these samples. by this test calves were grouped into three groups based on visual turbidity. Then after three to four weeks he correlated the morbidity and the mortality data with the sodium sulfite test results.

Student-Faculty News
( 1975) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the students and faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine.