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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 25, Issue 3

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Livestock Fences of Uruguay and Argentina's Pampas
( 1970-11-01) Morford, V. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

They fence differently in South America. While we're not recommending this system, you might find some ideas for special fencing problems.

Farm Programs, Price Supports and Iowa Farms - Some Possible Adjustments under Lower Future Prices
( 1970-11-01) Madsen, Howard ; Heady, Earl ; Nicol, Kenneth ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

What would happen to Iowa farms if farm prices dropped an average of 20 percent? It's not likely to happen, but to find out, economists made projectiosn, then analyzed to see what adjustments could be possible.

Mulching and Transplanting Increase Early Yield of Muskmelons
( 1970-11-01) Peterson, Lewis ; Robbins, M. ; Weigle, Jack ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Two techiniques were used by ISU horticulutrists to increase early production of muskmelons. Backyard gardeners may want to use these practices along with commercial growers seeking early profits.

ISU Horticulturists Grow Plants from Pollen Grains
( 1970-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

In an effort to develop better and faster methods for breeding new varieties of plants, Iowa State University horticulturists are attempting to grow plants from pollen grains. Walter N. Whitwood, graduate research assistant under the directionof Dr. M. LeRon Robbins, has succeeded in producing tobacco plants in this manner.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 25, No. 3
( 1970-11-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications