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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 33, Issue 8

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Art is For Everyone
( 2017-08-11) Odegard, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

There is a time when the term "artist" seemed to include only the inspired men who locked themselves in garretts to create with canvas and brushes. Today we needn't even look at one of their pictures to see the importance of art. We see it in well-designed pottery and furniture, woven draperies and jewelry. We ourselves are artists as we arrange a pretty plate of food or decorate our dorm rooms.

Iowa State Remembers
( 2017-08-11) Macdonald, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A quiet hall filled with soft cathedral light is an unusual place to find in the middle of a busy, modern college. Gold Star Hall, Iowa State College's memorial to its war dead, is such a place.

Sayeeda Meets ISC
( 2017-08-11) Frahm, Ardella ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Sayeeda Raza wasn't one to satisfy the city slicker's hint that she was either a stranger in "them thar parts" or a country cousin who came to town to see the sights. Sayeeda, Iowa State College graduate student from Pakistan, was prepared for the sights of New York. "I had heard so much of New York. I knew what it would be like-all the skyscrapers and other large buildings," she said.

Clocking Coeds
( 2017-08-11) Brintlinger, Jane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How often grandmother has told of the distances she had to walk to her school "in the old days." Remember the stories about the miles she trod, through rain and snow, just to go to that little red schoolhouse?

ISC Beauty That's Planned
( 2017-08-11) Hammerly, Jane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

From a barren prairie to a great informally landscaped campus, all within the short span of 60 years- that is the record of achievement of Iowa State College.