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Ames Forester: Volume 26, Issue 1

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Ames Forester Vol. 26
( 1938) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Published Annually by the Ames Forestry Club

( 1938) Iowa State University Digital Repository
A German Forester in America
( 1938) Sauer, Eric ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The European forestry is highly developed and intensive, for the natural resources are limited. The forests are under constant control. Every stand of timber is constantly treated and influenced in composition, structure and growth by the interfering forestry according to the economical aims. The lack of resources and the development of a highly qualified production system make forestry an efficient business enterprise. The Americans are always impressed by the cleanness of these forests.

Conservation for Southern Pulp Mills
( 1938) Downey, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Everyone interested in forest conservation is aware of the action recently taken by the Pulp industry of the South through its own organization, the American Pulpwood Association. Not everyone, however, realizes that these conservation steps were conceived and taken by the industry itself.

An American Forester In Germany
( 1938) Werner, Hugo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Greetings from the world’s oldest forestry school. For about four months now I’ve been tramping the woods, sitting in the classrooms, and working over management plans that all date back to the time of Cotta, Pressler, and Judeich. The village of Tharandt is situated in the bottom of a very narrow, damp, and foggy three-pronged valley. Upon the heights overlooking these is the grave of Cotta.