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The Iowa Homemaker vol.23, no.9 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 23, Issue 9

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Need For Homemaking Education
( 2017-07-19) Stewart, Lois ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A survey of low income families reveals a need for homemaking training, reports Lois Stewart

Iowa State Promotes Gardens for Victory
( 2017-07-19) Reeves, Jo ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Jo Ann Reeves discusses the program of the Horticulture Department in promoting victory gardens throughout Iowa

Silhouette for Spring
( 2017-07-19) Midgorden, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Simplicity and colorful spring hues are featured in Vicky's Easter outfit, says Ruth Midgorden

Utility Keynotes Home Furnishings
( 2017-07-19) Fisher, Mabel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In an interview from a reprint in School Arts Misses Fisher and O'Bryan of the Applied Art Department emphasize simplicity in furnishings

The Iowa Homemaker vol.21, no.9
( 2017-07-19) Clayton, Marilyn ; Stewart, Lois ; Miller, Joan ; Fisher, Misses ; O'Bryan, Misses ; O'Connell, Pat ; Cannon, Winnifred ; O'Connor, Jeanne ; Midgorden, Ruth ; Krogh, Mildred ; Reeves, Jo ; Loofe, Marian ; Berger, Lorraine ; Keen, Harriet ; Dale, Norma ; Maddex, Patricia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Keeping Up With Today, Marilyn Clayton, page 2

Need for Homemaking Education, Lois Stewart, page 3

Uniforms Alter Campus Co-Etiquette, Joan Miller, page 5

Keynotes Furnishings, Interview, Misses Fisher, O’Bryan, page 6

For a Vacation With Pay, Pat O’Connell, page 8

A Graduate Describes Food Publicity, Winnifred Cannon, page 9

Shipyards Sponsor Child Care Centers, Jeanne O’Connor, page 10

Silhouette for Spring, Ruth Midgorden, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, Mildred Krogh, page 12

Iowa State Promotes Gardens for Victory, Jo Ann Reeves, page 14

Do You Manage Your Time Efficiently?, Marian Loofe, page 15

Dietitians to the Front, Lorraine Berger, page 16

Across Alumnae Desks, Harriet Keen, page 18

Notions Corner, page 20

Efficiency in Food Preparation, Norma Dale, page 21

Alums in the News, Patricia Maddex, page 22