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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 22, Issue 7

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1968 Costs for Field Work
( 1968) Hull, Dale ; Hull, Adrian ; Caldwell, Maurice ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Four methods of figuring your field work are included in this article. One is a guide of costs taken from actual costs on the university farms, which reflects some of the recent increases.

Iowa Poultry Outlook - Marketing Factors Hold Major Implications
( 1967) Eggleton, Leonard ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Consumer demands reflected through retailers are having a major impact on the egg business. The author tells what's happening and why - and what you should do about it.

Sheep Outlook - There Are Problems - But Possibilities, Too!
( 1968) Wickersham, Thomas ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Here's a detailed look at the sheep industry and the problems facing it today. Producers have many tools they need to put the industry on its feet. How they apply these tools may determine the industry's future.

Beef Outlook - Growing Consumer Demand Points to Increased Production
( 1968) Zmolek, William ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Here's what's ahead in the beef industry. The long-range outlook is good, but periods of over-production and low profits will still occur.

Crop Varieties and Seed Outlook for 1968
( 1967) Thompson, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Soybean seed should be plentiful and prices a little lower. Most other seed costs will be higher. Total seed supply is adequate, but certain varieties are in short supply.