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The Iowa Homemaker vol.8, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 8, Issue 6

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Wastes in Leisure
( 2017-04-21) Cessna Morgan, Ethyl ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If one were to believe the captions appearing in recent magazines commenting on women, one would be forced to believe that a modern classification of women is "Giggling Girls," "Flippant Flappers," "Lazy Thirties," "Idle Forties" and "Incapable Fifties."

Pictures for the Home and School
( 2017-04-21) Hansen, Joanne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Art is no longer a subject in which but few are interested. Everyone who has some degree of culture desires to know as much of art as of fine music, literature and the drama. Since we are still a young nation and have not vast treasures of original works of art at our very doors, as have the Europeans, we may at least derive the joy and benefits from the study of exhibits of fine reproduction, and the occasional opportunity of studying an exhibit of originals.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-04-21) Tregoning, Lulu ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Each year the Boys' and Girls' Club Congress at Chicago brings the opportunity to every state of entering one boy and one girl in the contest for the Moses Trophy. This is awarded to the club member who has done outstanding achievements over a period of time for her community and county.

Sauce for the Goose
( 2017-04-21) Marnette, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"What's sauce for the goose," says the old line, "is sauce for the gander," and yet show me the man who will have anything but orange salad or sauce with his duck, or chestnut dressing with his turkey.

Estonia Sends Another Student
( 2017-04-21) Leith, Isabel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In 1926, Mrs. Alma Lossman Martin came to Iowa State to get her master's degree in home management. This fall Dr. Leida Adamberg of Vandra, Estonia, is here. Her traveling expenses are paid by the Estonian government and her college and living expenses by the American Association of University Women and the Women's Guild. She left Estonia Sept. 4, and arrived in the United States Sept. 17, and is now living at Gray Cottage.