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Ames Forester: Volume 51, Issue 1

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C.D.T.C.-A New Star on the Training Horizon
( 1964) Teuber, Ross ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

IF You want to know whether an idea will work, one of the surest ways to find out is to try it! That is exactly what the Southwestern Region of the U.S. Forest Service was doing when they established the Continental Divide Training Center. This is a pilot project to determine the feasibility of a permanent training center for Forest Service Employees, staffed by a group of trained, full-time instructors and the necessary clerical and maintenance force. It is the first and only training center of it's kind in the United States. The facilities are maintained primarily to meet the training needs of Forest Service personnel in Region Three. This project has the blessing and backing of the Chief's office. If it proves as effective as we hope to make it, it may serve as a model for the establishment of similar training centers in other Forest Service Regions across the country. Our activities are being scrutinized by administrators and training officers from other regions and units all over the United States. The results of our efforts last year, and so far this year have been very favorably received. The consensus seems to be that this is a very worthwhile and effective program. It will probably be maintained on a permanent basis, at least in this Region of the Forest Service.

( 1964) Aikman, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

From the rolling hills of Central Nebraska's upland , prairies came a man who was to influence and instruct more than 2000 Iowa State University Foresters. Through his seemingly endless patience and many practical approaches to ecology, dendrology and related botany courses, John M. Aikman has continued to inspire and stimulate the many students that he has taught. His teaching and research has moulded these students into better, more capable professional foresters. Foresters with a rich understanding and appreciation of the botanical field within which they work.

1963 Summer Camp
( 1964) Sasse, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

LAsT JUNE our rambling summer camp came to rest in the rugged mountains of colorado's Winter Park area for the third successive year-and with due reason. The area is unique in its multiple use combination of wood, water, wildlife, forage , and recreation. This interaction served well the camp's main purpose-to provide a familiarization with the fundamental fields of forestry as well as their demands on the individual and the satisfactions they provide in return.

Ames Forester Vol. 51
( 1964) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Published Annually by the Ames Forestry Club

'63 Hartman Fellows Go East
( 1964) Young, Dave ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

IN THE SPRING QUARTER of the academic year 1962- 1963, John Thurman, Bill Pieratt, and I were informed by Dr.'s Stoltenberg and Gatherum that we were the second trio of seniors selected to make the coveted George B. Hartman Award Trip, guided by them.