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Unsub Webinar Series: Unsub Extender with Eric Schares

2022-02 , Schares, Eric , University Library , Reference and Instruction

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Moving Towards More Inclusion at Your Library

2021-03-05 , Vega García, Susan , University Library , University Library

Since 2018, the ISU Library has implemented programs and policies to engage library staff at all levels in cultural competence and DEI learning. Programs include facilitated book discussions, an online learning site in Canvas, and a speaker series. Policies include the requirement for all library staff to report DEI efforts on annual performance reviews. Reviews of policies and hiring practices are also underway. The goal of these programs and policies is to make the library a more inclusive space for the ISU community and library staff.

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Inclusive Policies Review: A Method and Model for Debiasing Policies

2022-03-02 , Vega García, Susan , Sullivan, Laura , University Library , University Library

Policies in organizations are often regarded as authoritative and objective statements that set regulations, rules, and expectations on specific processes and situations, and define what is permissible. However, policies can also be subject to hidden oppressive biases. In Fall 2020, the University Library's DEI Committee initiated their Inclusive Policies Review project. The purpose of this project is to review library policies for biases and inequity, and then recommend changes with the goal of having policies that are more inclusive, antiracist and bias-free, as well as to create more inclusive environments for the library and its patrons. Important parts of the project development included the involvement of stakeholders and creation of procedures and a rubric to guide our policy reviews. Presenters will discuss development and implementation of the project and include points of view from policy reviewers and stakeholders. Attendees will learn how this project was developed, progress to date, and a method for implementing similar projects for their own departments or units.